Monday, January 19, 2009

Ramblings of a Production Artist

My previous post asked whether twitterers were just self-serving. Come to find out they are not, but sometimes you have to figure out how to get the message out. I started tweeting about an organization called Pilots and Paws. I tweeted it about 5-10 times, asking people to retweet it to spread the word. Most of the people I follow are in the design field in some way or other. I got real discouraged with the fact that few people bothered to retweet it. Then, I took the more direct approach. I asked for help from people like Jeff Fisher at LogoMotives, Graham Smith at imjustcreative, and Calvin Lee at mayhemstudios. Then things began to happen. They retweeted it and people who followed them retweeted it and by taking a more direct approach to people I respected and followed I was able to pass the word and hopefully at least save one animal.

I do have to give a shoot-out to Paulastudio who was the first person who retweeted my tweet, to Jeff Fisher who took the time to even send me the link for the newreel about Pilots and Paws, and to Graham Smith (and his dog Dylan) who offered to post about Pilots and Paws on Soultweet.

Bottom line is work it. Figure out what you need to do to get your word out. People will help. Sometimes you just have to approach it from a different aspect. At first I was mad and sad that people only seemed to care about what was important to them—it seemed so self-serving. Truth be told, there IS a part of that in all of us. The point I want to make is that instead of wallowing in self pity (nobody cares what I have to say) or getting mad, learn how to get work it and reach out to people for what you want.

The New Year–2009
Lot of big changes for me with the start of this year. Afer 11 years of working for a company, they have closed their doors. Its a hard and depressing thing. You suddenly are no longer a part of a "family" that you have spent the last 11 years with. Saturday I started working for a new company. I was lucky in economic times like this to find a new job. Several people I have worked with in the past are working there, so I have hopes of developing a new "family."

Twittering Addiction

I have spent a LOT of time on Twitter. As you can see from my blog I have collected a lot of sites/links for fonts, vectors, photoshop, typography, logos etc. The trouble is, I spend way to much time collecting all this information and way to little time using it. After all, you never know when these things may come in handy!
What is the real problem with this. The fact is, I am collecting and collecting, reading and reading, and not really doing anything with all this information.

What does this say about me: partial depression with the way the world is turning (or collapsing), partial procrastination, lack of creativity, basically all around lack of motivation. What I think I need is a 12-step program to wean me of Twitterdom. I am finding it much more interesting to twitter, collect, read, and watch TV than to DO. I need help!

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