Sunday, October 5, 2008

Okay, this months photo challenge on was to take the 6 samples and use at least 3 of them in a creation. They are actually blood vessels. Yikes. I used 4 of them. I went into Illustrator and made a grid. Then I colored some of the boxes and placed squares of 4 of the samples in to. Then I took it into the 3D effects and rotated it and free transformed it. Copied it 3 times vertically and three times horizontally. I then intertwined them vert/horiz, vert/horiz, vert/horiz.

After that was completed, I went to stock.xchange and found a room setting. I got rid of the photo that was on the wall and then replaced it with my design. I did some effects on the photo layer. Then I was done.

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